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  Stem cells for bone marrow transplantations have been in use in the US since the 1960's.



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Testimonials and News Updates

According to various reports, news and articles Nancy Reagan was a very strong Advocate for Stem Cells and Alzheimer's Disease; Kobe Bryant; Tiger Woods, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Reeve; Muhammad Ali, Janet Jackson, Kelly Osborn, Imelda Marcos and more big names and regular people, have travelled to countries where they offered the stem cell therapy.   

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S.R. LA:  Alzheimer's:  Husband is an MD.  His wife of 60 years was in vegetative state, unable to feed herself, incontinent and did not recognize him anymore.  MD researched endlessly for ways to "bring her back".  SCS referred them to our MD.  After the first therapy, this is his story: "We arrived home, she slept for several hours.  When she awoke, she said, she was so hungry.  She went straight to the kitchen and prepared a meal, she sat down and ate."  The MD was shocked.  After 4 weeks, he took her for another therapy.  Over 6 months have passed, SCS called to follow up, the MD secretary said, "Oh, she is doing so great.  Thank you for checking."

S.L.:  Osteoarthritis.  Severe condition, the wounds were not healing and continued to erupt throughout his body.  When he started the therapy, no new eruptions.  The wounds were drying and healing.  Pain throughout his body was reduced tremendously.

B.L. MD:  Fibromylagia:  Client was unable to go to their basement for years, could not go up and down the stairs.  A few months after the therapy, she was going up and down to get her gardening tools.  She said, "I didn't even know that I have been able to do this, I was not paying attention to my development.  I was just surprised one day when I realized that I have been doing that for quite sometime after the stem cell therapy, not even aware of it.  I was not able to do that for so many years since I've been sick.  Now I am even able to do gardening."

B.P:   RA:  I can tell you that my feet feel better than before, I'd say about 50% better.  And this is odd, I get "land sick" after being on a boat for any given time.  I get very dizzy and nauseous for hours after being on the boat.  We went sailing the day after the therapy and I did not get sick after being on the boat for five hours.  Very strange, I thought.  But great!

E.B. PI: RA and etc:  75 yrs old with frozen and joint pains, unable to move in the mornings, diabetes, hbp, dermatological problems, thyroid problems, not able to walk over 10 paces without help, weak, tired easily, lack of energy and stressed, depressed and frustrated.  Mere 3 hours after therapy, was able to walk 10 blocks without help and tireless, energetic, happy, excited, no more pain. Following days after, were more positive improvements, body felt like 25 years younger.  Continued to improve and was able to continue her uniform sewing business again which was disrupted from her condition.  

D.B. PI: RA and etc:  62 yrs old. "By the time i took my therapy, i was suffering pain on my right collarbone down to my left chest. When I coughed, I had more pain, I felt as if my chest was being torn apart, at that time, I also have cough and cold. I didn't take any medication hoping that it would go away, weeks past and the pain would not go away. I do not believe in the stem cells, i was "forced" by my family into taking it. I doubted that it would do me any good. OMG, all my pains were gone, my cold and cough disappeared in spite of the bad weather. I could not believe it. I was ready to go jogging, lots of energy, felt so happy and no depression, felt very strong. I felt rejuvenated and energized. Thanks to the stem cell technology and my family who pushed me into taking it. I would not have known the best feelings until I felt better and pain-free.

M.G. PI: Stroke:  80 yrs old stroke patient, unable to move on her own. Screams in pain when being lifted from bed to the wheelchair, required 24/7 nurse. Attention goes on and off from present to past. A few days after the therapy, didn't not scream with pain when lifted off the bed or sitting down, her attention and mind is on real-time and more aware of the present.  Appetite was better, communication is better too and less depressed mood.  

L.G. PI: 85 yrs old, feeling weak, tired, RA and lack of energy. After therapy, he said, he felt stronger, better and happier. 

T.C. LA: Severe Skin Condition:  She was not able to work for 2 months from severe skin allergies, specially her palms, plus hbp and stress. She had a doctor, dermatologist, allergy specialist and so many medications. Skin problem was not getting better, going on for 10 years and getting worse. A week after the therapy, her skin dried up, her hbp became normal, she stopped her medications. She was back to work 3 weeks after the therapy. 

B.B. NY: Back Problems: I suffered from a degenerative disk issue for over a year now. I recently did and infusion of 1.5 cc's into my blood. I then had my doctor administer .5 cc's directly into the area of my degenerative disk. Not even 72 hours later, I was able to sleep on my stomach for the first time in over a year. I have no issues getting out of bed and I am moving completely pain-free. 

A.L. LA:  RA: 68 years old had several infusions of vitamins C's and other chemicals. She got very sick from the reactions and had serious side effects. She was in a hospital for a few days. After recovery, she had stem cells injection. She was very happy with the result, she had more energy and the pain and inflammation from RA disappeared. Mind is much clearer and very happy with the result. Scheduling another therapy for body rejuvenation. 

P.R. UTAH: RA and Injuries:  82 years old with a lot of pain all over his body, from rheumatoid arthritis and previous injuries. He had stem cell therapy and within a few days, relieved of his pain. He drove back to Utah and referred stem cells therapy to his friends. He is very happy with the result and he said he is now pain-free.

S.T. LA: PAIN and Psoriasis:  He was taking a lot of pain medications from previous injuries. He had to take more pain medications and the doctors kept substituting because they stopped working, he would take more drugs. He also have a bad skin condition of psoriasis for a very long time. He had the stem cell therapy and the skin condition disappeared after a few days and pain subsided. He no longer take pain medications, sleeping much better and more energy and concentration. Very happy of the result of the therapy.

B.B.: Back Pain:  I've been on pain pills for a very long time, at least 6 large dosage every single day and various other medications to go along with it for very severe back pain.  Two weeks after the therapy, I was down to 1 pain pill a day.  

F.L. LA: 72 years old MS patient for over 25 years, wheelchair-bound, doctor advised him that there's no cure, just wait to die. He has trouble getting in and out of the bed, both legs are frozen, can only sleep on his left side. He had a urinary surgery then got 2cc of stem cells. He never felt any pain from the surgery. After 10 days, he had more energy, his memory and mind are so active and clear, he feels excited and happy, most of all, he can get in and out of his bed without much effort, he can now sleep on either left or right side and is able to roll back and forth in bed, which he was not able to do for as long as he can remember. He is very happy and amazed of this development. He is scheduled for another 2cc therapy after 3 weeks and looking forward to that excitedly.

R.L. LA: I'm 60 and a heavy smoker with genetic HBP. I had a heart attack and brought me to the emergency and immediate surgery to unclog my arteries. I was very concerned with my recovery and the after effect of the stroke. After I was released from the hospital, I took 2cc of Stem Cells Therapy. After 24 hours I was back to "normal" with more energy and no effect or no pain from my stroke or surgeries. I attended a dinner party the next evening and continued to do my regular gardening and painting my fence at my house. It was a miracle for me, it seemed like I never had a stroke or surgery and I have more energy. I am so happy that I took the therapy right away. I have no side effects from my stroke and no pain. 

O. B: I had rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation on all of my finger joints. They can be very painful and I take pain relievers for them. I have not been able to wear my rings for 3 1/3 years. I took the stem cell therapy, 4cc. The very next day, the inflammations were gone and I was able to wear my rings again and I have no more pain. I am so very happy that I did it. Pain relievers only gave me a few hours of relief, then I had to take again and again. After my therapy 6 months ago, I haven't taken pain relievers or inflammations. In addition, I am more energetic, have more focus and concentration.

S.M.: Suffered from asthma, COPD, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, stress, overweight, failing eyesight. Infused 3cc stem cells, within 24 hours, gout and arthritis inflammation were gone, can walk without limping, lots of energy, felt like "superman" he said, eyesight much clearer, great concentration, very happy with the result of the infusion. After one week, he felt so great, he wants his entire family to take the stem cell therapy. He wanted another 3cc next month and another 3cc after.

S.M.: Two months after my infusion, my A1 test from 10.1 to 6.1. My blood pressure used to be constantly 220/180. Now it's at 180/120. This is without taking any of the diabetic and high blood pressure medications which had so many side effects. My gout and arthritis were completely gone. I am walking normally now.

A.L.: I took 2 cc Stem Cell injection for my arthritic pain and inflammation throughout my body. After 2 weeks, all the pain and inflammation are gone. I am feeling much better.

C.S.: 59 years old, has rheumatoid arthritis, muscle stiffness throughout her body, in pain all the time, she has legs tremors and unable to work in her condition. Took 2cc of stem cells. Within 48 hours, all stiffness throughout her body relaxed, no pain, very excited to go back to work, more energetic, mind is clearer, can focus easily. Loves the result of the therapy and will recommend to her friends.

B.L.: Needs energy, very active person with a lot of social events. Took 4cc stem cell infusion. "I had rosy cheeks right after infusion and i felt the strength, my mind is so active and can feel the great improvement in my body. I am so very happy and I really believe in it, i will tell all the people I know about it. I feel great and I want to get another 4cc when I come back from my long trip."

N.O. : Suffered from face rosacea for 50 years, dry, scaly skin, red and very itchy. Also have pain killers and other drugs addiction, memory loss, depression, alcohol and smoke addiction, lack of energy and rheumatoid arthritis. He took 4cc of stem cell therapy. Rosacea cleared his face within 48 hours, loss the urge for drugs, alcohol and tobacco addiction after 3 days, slept well, depression went away, happy and working out at the gym, feels healthy and can think clearly.

M.P. : 89 years old, suffered rheumatoid arthritis, cannot walk without a cane. Feeling very tired and weak. Took 2cc of stem cell therapy. The very next day, she started walking without her cane. She said she is much stronger and she is very happy.

B.L. : 65 years old, suffered from stroke 10 years ago, limps and cannot get his pants on without leaning on the wall or with someone's help, weak, rheumatoid arthritis, catching his breath when he talks, memory loss, forgetful, depressed, high blood pressure. Took 2cc of stem cell therapy, he felt very good the next day, very happy and feels much stronger, can speak in long sentences without catching his breath, very calm and can now stand on his own to put his pants on without any help or leaning on the wall. His mind is sharper and thinks clearly.

M.L.: 29 years old and feeling weak and drinking. Took 2cc of stem cell therapy. He felt rejuvenated, feels much stronger, more focused, and more energy and happy. Less urge to drink.

B.L.: 36 years old, losing weight, drinking alcohol, feels depressed and no appetite to eat. Took 2cc of stem cell therapy. After one week, he felt much stronger, energetic, can focus, very happy and less urge to drink alcohol.

A.M.: 56 years old with rheumatoid arthritis, frozen knees at times, memory loss, and lack of energy, with high blood pressure, coughing for several weeks. Took 2cc of stem cell therapy, the coughing stopped and throat itching gone in 15 minutes, feeling much stronger, more energy, mind clearer and more focused. Very happy.

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